Announcements 03/23/2019 05:09:15am

Satin Glossy vs Matte Finish Paper Interior Design Consideration


This video shows the differences between a glossy, or satin, finish giclee print vs a matte finish print. The focus is on display. I've been printing for over 10 years and, while I do appreciate the depth of color in satin/glossy prints ( which is less and less as the quality of equipment, paper, and ink improves, I've always hated displaying them because of the reflective issues shown in this video. All my personal artworks are matte, and most of my customers prefer matte also. The good news is matte in generally less expensive.

All prints come on "matte" finish paper.

Art piece shown is by Pieter Bruegel the Elder "Netherlandish Proverbs" aka "Dutch_Proverbs", "The Blue Cloak", "The Topsy Turvy World".