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Dante Gabriel Rossetti Joan of Arc
1864 watercolor and bodycolor over pencil...
Diego Valazquez - Count Duke Of Olivares
1634 Oil On Cloth..
Diego Valazquez - Las Meninas
1656-67 Oil On Canvas..
Diego Velázquez The Needlewoman
Diego Velázquez The Needlewoman ..
Edgar Degas A Group Of Dancers
Edgar Degas A Group Of Dancers..
Edgar Degas Before The Performance
Edgar Degas Before The Performance..
Edgar Degas Dancer Stretching
Edgar Degas Dancer Stretching..
Edgar Degas Dancers 1884
Edgar Degas Dancers 1884..
Edgar Degas Four Dancers
Edgar Degas Four Dancers..
Edgar Degas Frau In Der Badewanne
Edgar Degas Frau In Der Badewanne..
Edgar Degas The Rehearsal Onstage
Edgar Degas The Rehearsal Onstage..
Edgar Degas Woman Sponging Her Back
Edgar Degas Woman Sponging Her Back..
Edmund Charles Tarbell - Across the Room
Edmund Charles Tarbell - Mother and Child in a Bo
1892 oil on canvas. The original is held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston...
Edmund Charles Tarbell - New Castle Poppy
Oil on Canvas.The artist's daughter Mary and her horse Poppy are featured in this beautiful painting..