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September 12, 2017 ( 12:55 am )

The hurricane has passed through Orlando and it's now just a memory, and a lot of debris to be cleaned up. All current orders will be shipped by the end of day Wednesday the 13th. The last time a hurricane came through Orlando was in 2004 - Hurricane Charley. The power was out for nearly a week. Thanks to great planning and improvements to the power grid the outage, at least for me, lasted 24 hours and if I'd never mentioned it you might not have even noticed. On the upside, I got to meet a bunch of great dogs at a dog friendly hotel nearby where I spent most of Monday taking care of the Internet side of things.

I did tempt fate... are 2 A.M. while the storm was at full force I did run outside for a few minutes and then realized that probably wasn't the best idea so I ran back inside. It's Florida - and there was A LOT of water so there was a chorus of 10,000 frogs overpowering the howls of the wind and the cracking of branches. I recorded about 15 minutes of it and will post to Youtube when I get around to it. I'll link to it here.

So... I'm back on schedule and life goes on.... 

September 8, 2017

It's HURRICANE season here in Orlando, Florida. I have a few relatives and friends a little further South that will most likely be devistated by Hurrican Irma. There's a good chance we'll be without power or Internet for a few days after IRMA cuts through town. Also, this site *may* go down as it's hosted in Miami. You should be able to text me via 407-351-0901, however, if I'm down I won't be able to process orders. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

USPS, FEDEX, and UPS have already slowed, or disabled service in certain areas of Florida. Orlando is still actively shipping at the time of this post. Some supplies that were supposed to arrive yesterday got delayed but should be here are soon as the situation normalizes. 

March 23, 2017

I'm back and will be working today and through the weekend to get everyone's orders out. Most will ship by March 24, some will take until Monday at which point I'll be back on regular shipping schedule. Thanks for your patience and patronage.

February 1,2017 will be closed from March 15, 2017 to March 22, 2017. I will make sure all orders up to March 15th ship prior to the office closing. I will be available via email or using the contact form, but will be unable to ship anything until the 23rd.

January 18, 2017

ISo, the postage rates went up today... and I like, stopped, and said "Ok, I've held out for long enough... gotta do what I gotta do... "

Beginning immediately the shipping will go from $5 to $6 to keep up with the USPS. You'll see the price updated in your cart.

December 22nd, 2016

I'd like to thank everyone for another great year. I'll be closed today through Monday Dec. 26th - shipping will resume on Tuesday Dec. 27th.

All orders have processed and been shipped. Tracking numbers have been uploaded. Any order received after 3pm today will ship on Tuesday. I'll be avaiable via email for any poster emergencies but since hardly anyone ever has a poster emergency ( unless you're Hollywood in which case your nearly always a pain in the butt ) I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas and all that stuff... :)

December 9th, 2016

Seriously backed up. Will absolutely have all tracking uploaded by end of day. Still well within the 1-5 day window. Venue sellers make sure to let your customers know to expect delays. Ho, Ho, Ho... and... if you're in Orlando make sure to visit Disney Springs and check on the drone show - first of it's kind.

October 10th, 2016

While the storm turned off to the sea and wasn't much of a problem here in Orlando, the USPS still shut down on Friday and today is Columbus day. Regular shipping will resume tomorrow - Tuesday Oct. 11

October 6th, 2016

Postal service will be interupted during Hurricane Matthew.

All orders should ship out my Monday


October 5th, 2016

... been a while but there's a hurricane coming my way. If it's bad orders will be delayed.

You can track hurricane Matthew online at NOAA:

September 20, 2016

I've decided to discontinue International shipments. It's not the core of the business and I'm really tired of having to answer questions about why it takes so darn long - customs delays have backed up even Canadian shipments for weeks and Australia even longer.

Don't despair, though - there are plenty of online forwarders you can use.
I don't vouch for these - a quick Google search brought this up:

Also, some venues like Ebay already offer forwarding and some sellers already use this method.

August 15th, 2016

I'm back in the office and working to get all the backlog completed no later than the 16th.

August 8th, 2016

Due to death in family I will not be able to ship posters until August 15th. All orders will process and ship as soon as possible.

June 23 2016

Does it never end?

Somebody tries to do something good for the Internet and some jerk IP losers turn to mommy to help them save lost profits for charging for something that's been a huge rip off since day one. Thank you Chrome, Opera, and Firefox for supporting ISRG as a CA and ridding the plague of paid SSL which, by the way, they never really verify anyone's identity beyond charging your credit card although you're told by them that they do.

Comodo Group, Inc. is attempting to register at least three trademarks for the term “Let’s Encrypt” .
These trademark applications were filed long after the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG)

Quite Frankly? The cat's out of the bag and no matter what name "Let's Encrypt" goes by Comodo, et al, just won't win and all they're doing is creating bad cosumer faith.

Read More Here:


June 21 2016

All Good Things Will End - I'm selling this business. See details here.

Feb. 8 2016

All is back up and we're faster than ever. 

GMAIL is now fully functional.

HOTMAIL is blocking email from so you many not be receiving tracking or invoices. If you are a HOTMAIL user please update your account with a NON HOTMAIL email account or contact HOTMAIL directly to resolve the issue.

No other email providers are reporting any issues at this time.

Feb. 5 2016

An ongoing network issue which has been causing connectivity issues over the past couple of months is being permanently resolved. All issues, including GMAIL connectivity, should be resolved by the end of day. 

Jan. 1 2016

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and thanks for another great year!

We actually took a couple of days off ( Dec. 31-Jan4 ) and used that time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Regular shipments will resume on Monday, Jan. 4 2016.

Please note: we're still dealing with email issues. If you have placed an order, but have not recieved an invoice the most likely reason is it's in your spam folder. Please contact your email provider for instructions how to place email from '' in your regular email box. While we're mainly hearing reports from GMAIL users, others may also be affected. As always, you can phone in if you still have questions or contact me using the contact form and I'll email you directly.

Dec. 11, 2015


I apologize - Gmail has been blocking messages coming from to you. I may have missed some messages, and you probably aren't getting your inovoices and tracking updates. I have contacted them to correct the issue but there is no ETA and, being Christmas, well..

If you use GMAIL and need to contact me please phone 407-351-0901 until Google can fix this issue. Rest assured - your orders are being processed and you can always get the tracking updates by logging into your account.


Nov. 24, 2015

I uploaded a new video featuring Chicago Maps - These are the 18x24 prints - loads of detail.

Nov. 17, 2015

Check out this HUGE map of Pasedena and this on showing the Tennessee Centennial Exposition of 1897 we just did for a customer. I'll be posting more videos of specific items as time permits.

Oct. 11, 2015

The Old Ways Is The Best Ways.. We're rolling back all the prices to the $4 original pricing model AND sacking all the accountants, including myself, that mucked it up and overcomplicated everything. Enjoy!

August 5, 2015

We've modified the drop ship program - we now give a 50% discount to qualified dropship resellers.

June. 24, 2015

In case you didn't notice, we've been busy adding new prints and there's lots more to come.

Congratulations to Sammy and Barbara for hitting the $5k monthly sales mark. No, I won't link to their site or give out their real names but I did agree to post this and send them a bottle of Dom.... great job, guys... 

June. 24, 2015

Dropship customers will now enjoy a fixed 20% discount off of the listed prices on this site. To benefit from this discount, you must be an approved dropship reseller and logged into the site under your approved account. For more details please see the drop ship posters information page.

June. 10, 2015

Great News! Effective Immediately - We'll pay the shipping on all orders over $50.

To provide better service to our retail outlets a minimum purchase, as well as an increase in the base flat rate shipping, will be placed on ALL orders below the $50 mark. Small orders simply cost more to process, and in lieu of rasing the prices across the board, we chose to instantiate a miniumum for free shipping. Customers can still order single posters, but will be required to pay the increased shipping/processing charges associated with smaller orders.

A new new small order shipping and processing charge now applies to orders below $50 and will be reflected in the shipping charges at checkout. This change will all El Cheapo Posters to focus on it's core customer group of retail outlets and event supplies.

... for future annoucements please visit this page.

Ken Anthony - El Cheapo Posters