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Poster Categories

We Specialize in Printing Public Domain Artwork


We Can Print Most Public Domain items you find online.

There are simply too many to catalog, but we can point you in a few directions.

Here's a few guidelines:


The cost is the same as shown on this website for any other print. For example, if an 18x24 print currently sells for $9, then you'd pay $9 (+shipping) for any print UP TO 18x24.


Hey, it's like this... you want 3 or 4? Probably not. You want 20 or 30 (all the same)? Contact me here and we'll talk about it. Maybe if you come around often enough drop a permanent discount on your account. It's good to know people.

Can You Print xxxx?

Please don't ask us if we can print "xxxx" or "yyyy" poster. We'll leave it up to you to do the preliminary research. Too many people ask us to print modern movie posters, superheros, celebrities, and the like. The short answer is we can't, and won't, print those - it's a violation of copyright law.

We require verifiable documentation for every item we print so we'll need to to provide the URL to the 'reputable' site clearly showing public domain status. We'll accept Wikimedia Commons, the Library Of Congress, or certain government website however we won't accept images found on "Bob's Free To Use Scanned Image Website" despite what he claims on his pages! :)

Can we print art you've created?

Sure - you'll need to provide us with a signed agreement clearly stating it's original art. Again, no trademarked characters or photo shopped version of existing copyrighted artwork.

What works best:

We specialize in non photographic images like posters, advertising, and paintings. Our printers are generally not configured to print photographic reproductions. Think of us when printing: old posters, signs, maps, and other ephemeral type artwork.


As a rule of thumb, select images that will print at least 100 dpi. The following chart should help.

Here's a GOOGLE search to help find images suitable for printing at 18x24 found on Wikimedia Commons - Vintage Movie Posters

Print Size

Pixel Size

18x24 inches

1600x2200 pixels






What Is The Public Domain?

For nearly every imaginable use there is a public domain image available for you to print. This means the artwork is no longer protected by copyright law. Here's a link to your first step down the public domain rabbit hole.

Why is this important?

It means you can reproduce a work for any purpose, even commercial, without require any special permission or licensing.

Where Can I find Public Domain images to print?

While many website sell printed versions, you can download millions of public domain images online which you are free to print and use as you see fit.

The Library Of Congress's Print and Photos website. Not all images are public domain, but usually the one's stating 'no known restrictions on publication' are OK.

Wikimedia Commons Again, not all images are in the public domain. Some have licenses indicating various types of required credits.

NASA - Since most of the items produced by NASA are paid for by us, they're in the public domain.

Restorations and Print Readiness

Most of the prints found online may not be quite ready to print. They may need rips and stains removed, or other image work to be presentable. Some people don't care and just need an enlarged physical print of the image. I only provide 'straight to print' services meaning what you send me is what you get back.

Some printing tips

The most common image 'fix' for readiness is to do an auto color correct, white balance, or contrast stretch ( depending on what your software calls it ). The machines are calibrated to accept images that run the full gamut from 0 (black) to 255 RGB. Many items found online have limited dynamic range and will produce a muted image if not level adjusted. This is beyond the scope of this document, but we can talk, or, hopefully, you are, or know someone, with graphics experience. Again, this is an arbitrary aesthetic decision left to you.