Announcements 03/23/2019 04:38:10am

Vintage Wholesale Posters


El Cheapo Posters is a 'wholesale only' website.

Never Heard Of Us? Click Here To See Our Posters.

Looking for new product for your boutique outlet or mega store?
Our prints POP OUT and make a bold statement of uniqueness.

Retailers around the world sell our posters at markups from 100% keystone to over 600%

Here's a few details about buying el Cheapo Posters.....

While we do allow no minimums for purchases on this site, the primary function is to supply bulk orders to retailers and event managers.

The 18x24" posters found on this site will retail from $18-30 (typically) . When framed or packaged (by you) margins can be higher.

Our original retail website ( ) offers many more prints then are available on elcheapoposters at this time.

Currently our products are being sold at retail by resellers on Amazon, Ebay, Bonanza, and other outlets as well as individual websites. We're also found in many retail stores.

We will be instantiating an affiliate program soon - we're currently working out the details. We are looking for higher volume sellers. If interested please contact us using this website's contact form.

Our wholesale terms are simple:

You must place your order via this website ( or api as applicable ).
All orders are non-refundable. Please verify all details when ordering.
Typical shipment times are noted at checkout.
Larger orders may be briefly delayed if incorporating many different sizes.
Florida retailers must supply a valid Florida State Tax ID Number and scan of Tax Certificate.

Because of the large volume of retailers we work with we had to update the website to support re-ordering and accounts.
That's a good thing because now it's even easier to order than ever before.

Please note as the prices are already the lowest in the industry for one off prints we can not offer additional discounts for orders less than 500 prints.
Special arrangements are made for existing customers with a regular purchase history.

Yes, we're flexible. If you have special needs please contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

For New Customers:

If you've never purchased from us before it's best if you order one or two items as a sample.
While we do offer and high quality product, it's not always a 'best fit' product for some applications.
In particular, these are not intended for extented outdoor or sunlit dipslay areas although short term
are typically fine.

Product Details:

All prints are produced on high quality coated papers.
In particular, these are not intended for extended outdoor or sunlit display areas although short term periods such as events are typically fine.
All prints come bulk rolled in a poly bag. They are shipping rolled in heavy mailing tubes.

We look forward to a long, profitable relationship with all of our retailers.