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About Cheap Posters - We're Different


Why Cheap Posters, LLC? Why Not?

In this age of faceless, nameless, and typically non responsive customer support isn't it nice to know there's a company that stands behind it's products and actually answers email and phone messages quickly? In fact, we even answer the phone nights and weekends... and if it does go to voice mail we'll contact you first thing in the morning! Hey, we gotta take a break sometime, right?

9 times out of 10 when you call "us" you'll be speaking to "me" - Rashad - owner of Cheap Posters, LLC. Why is that important? Because I'll actually answer your question. We don't buy our products from some wholesaler 3 steps away from us - we ARE the manufacturer. Sure, from time to time we may have production delays, but you'll always be in the loop. It's important you get your items on time and we'll NEVER give you the run around. In fact, we often call our customers to make sure a delay is acceptable, or to let you know what day your overnight order will arrive. Yep - mom and pop service in the Internet age.

( Now - the stuffier 'about us' information )

Cheap Posters, LLC  formally known as El Cheapo Posters (est in 1996), was reinvented in 2018 to satisfy the needs of our specific market in Orlando, Florida. Over the years we've become a preferred provider of low cost, high quality, unique one off prints not available on other wholesale website.

All posters are created on site, as well as all graphics design and restorations. We focus on vintage and unique art as well as the creation of new art.

Who buys from Cheap Posters? Everyone! - that's who. We're famous even - we're in the movies, in books, and on tv. We'll go as far as to tell you we're sold in stores worldwide but we've agreed to not share those business names as they do, of course, mark up our prices and, well, it just wouldn't be right to tell you that $20 print you just bought at xyz book store or yyz famous chain could've been bought right here at our low prices.

The website:

Yeah, yeah.. we've been told by people for years to upgrade the website. I said "why? it's fast, and you can buy posters, right?" - They said - "but it's an ugly website and it looks old". "Old?" said I. "Ugly?" I screamed!.. Well, they won and we're finally taking steps to upgrade to a brand new version of our website. Stay tuned...