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Cimpanzee Smoking Cigarettes On Roller Skates
Circus Busch Max Und Moritz Two Monkeys Smoking Cigarettes While Frolicking On Roller Skates In To..
Circus Busch Dancing Monkeys
Vintage Promotional Poster Reads: Circus Busch Hagenbeck's Lustiges Schimpansen-Trio It Shows T..
Consul Peter Monkey In Top Hat And Tails
Poster Shows A Chimp Wearing A Top Hat And Tails Holding A Cane...
Consul The Monkey Riding A Bike
Yet Another Poster Showing Consul Riding A Bike With A Crowd Of Astonished Onlookers. Go Monkey, Go!..
Daisy And Jack Boxing Monkeys
Vintage Poster Shows Two Monkeys - Daisy And Jack - Mixing It Up In The Boxing Ring. I Think Daisy I..
Max Und Moritz Roller Skating Monkeys
Max And Moritz, The Performing Monkeys, Are At It Again - This Time On Roller Skates In Hat And Tail..
Monkey With Top Hat
Poster Shows A Monkey, Or Chimpanzee, Dressed Up Wearing Tails, A Top Hat, And A Cane...
Moritz I Monkey Wearing Suit With Hat
Poster Shows A Monkey Name Moritz I Wearing A Suit And A Hat While Holding A Cane. He Looks Like ..
Performing Monkey Riding A Bike
Poster Shows A Performing Monkey Riding A Two Wheeled Bicycle. The Wording Says CONSUL PETER. Onlook..
Peter The Chimpanzee Riding A Bike
Poster Reads: Circus Busch Peter, Der WeltberĆ¼hmte Schimpanse Peter, The World Famous Chimpanze..
Smoking Chimpanzee Circus Albert Carre
Vintage Poster Shows A Chimp, Often Called A Monkey, Smoking A Cigarette While Dressed In A Suit Wit..
Solomon The Chimpanzee
Vintage Poster Reads: Pickard's Latest Sensation Soloman The Missing Link ALIVE! At Pickard's Mus..
Solomon The Man Monkey
Poster Reads: Darwin's Missing Link. Solomon The Man Monkey Alive Pickards Musem Trongate He Goe..
Two Chimps Max And Moritz
Cirkus Schumann Max & Moritz Poster Shows The Two Famous Chimps, Often Referred To As Monkeys, M..
Two Performing Monkeys
Poster Shows Max Und Moritz - Two Talented Performing Monkeys. One Is Riding A Bike While The Other ..