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Wholesale Vintage Magician Posters from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Kellar, Thurston, Houdini, and many others. Hey, Rocky.. watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

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Magician and Assistant Magic Poster
Generic Magic Poster showing various scenes of magic performances such a magician pulling items f..
Magician Holding Rabbit Conjuring Spirit Magic Poster
[Magician holding rabbit and conjuring spirit surrounded by demon and owls] Cin., U.S.A...
Magician Pulling Roses From Top Hat Magic Poster
Magician pulling roses out of top hat surrounded by supernatural beings..
Marajah Peer Of Mystic Seers Magic  Poster
Marajah peer of mystic seers he sees, knows, tells all. Milwaukee..
Mentalist Newmann The Great Magic Poster
America's Master Mentalist The PEER of Psychics The Man Who Knows Newmann The Great and His Show..
Musee Grevin Magie Noire Magic Poster
Magic Poster - Musee Grevin Magie Noire ( Black Magic ) - Apparitions Instantanees - Par Le Professe..
Mysterious Mahendra Magic Poster
Mysterious Mahendra master of the human mind. Collinsville, Ill...
Newmann the Great Psychic Magic Magician 4of8 poster
Newmann the Great [Milwaukee]..
Newmann the Great Psychic Magic Magician 6of8 poster
Newmann's Famous Road Show Newport, Ky...
Newmann The Great Psychic Magic Poster
That brilliant psychic star, Newmann the Great St. Paul..
Newmann Wonderful Spirit Mysteries Magic Poster
Newmann's wonderful spirit mysteries Newport, KY...
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Okito Chinese Magician Magic Poster
OKITO Image shows Chinese magician with Chinese writing...
Professor Tenichi Magic Poster
Professor Tenichi Magician Patronized and given gold medal by H.J.I.M Poster shows Professor Ten..
The Great Dayton Show Magic Poster
Phllips Climation, successor to The Great Dayton Show D.L. Co., [19--?]..
The Great Rameses Eastern Mystic Magic Poster
The Great Rameses The Eastern Mystic Image shows an Egyptian wizard leading thousands of people fr..