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Wholesale Posters - Vintage, Old Timey Crate & Can Labels Printed As Posters. Makes Me Want To Go A-Pickin'.

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Vintage Mutt Brand Orange label Poster
Mutt Brand Not much for looks but RIPE, SWEET AND JUICY Shipped By Tulare County Fruit E..
Vintage Westie Label poster
WESTIE Grown in U.S.A. The Pride of the West..
Washington Navels Oriole Brand Label poster
Washington Navels Oriole Brand Reg.U.S. Pat. OFF. Grown and Packed By Fillmore Citrus ASSN. Fi..
Washington State Apples label poster
Red Head Brand Produce Of U.S.A. Contents One Volume Bushel Washington State Apples Distrib..
Washington Telephone Peas label poster
First Pick Brand 28 LB. Net When Packed Washington Telephone Peas Packed By Puget Sound Veg. ..