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Old Map of Bainbridge New York 1889 Chenango County
Bainbridge, New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1889 Year: 1889 City: Bainbridge Cou..
Old Map of Baltimore Maryland 1912 Baltimore County
A birds-eye view of the heart of Baltimore. Sketched in pencil in the Fall of 1911 Year: 1912 Ci..
Old Map of Bedford City Virginia 1891 Bedford County
Perspective map of Bedford City, Virginia county seat of Bedford County. 1891 Year: 1891 City: B..
Old Map of Binghamton New York 1901 Broome County
Binghamton New York. 1901 Year: 1901 City: Binghamton County: Broome State: New York Country:..
Old Map of Boscobel Wisconsin 1869 Grant County
Bird's eye view of Boscobel, Grant County, Wisconsin. 1869 Year: 1869 City: Boscobel County: Gr..
Old Map of Bristol Tennessee 1912 Sullivan County
Aero view of Bristol Virginia-Tennessee 1912. Year: 1912 City: Bristol County: Sullivan State:..
Old Map of Brooklyn New York 1908 Kings County
Bird's-eye-view of Brooklyn New York. 1908 Year: 1908 City: Brooklyn County: Kings State: New ..
Old Map of Buena Vista Colorado 1882 Chaffee County
Bird's eye view of Buena Vista, Colorada county seat of Chaffee County. Oriented with north toward t..
Old Map of Butte-City Montana 1884 Silver Bow County
Bird's eye view of Butte-City, Montana, county seat of Silver Bow County. 1884 Year: 1884 City:..
Old Map of Cambridge New York 1886 Washington County
Bird's-eye-view Cambridge New York. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Cambridge County: Washington State..
Old Map of Carthage New York 1888 Jefferson County
Carthage New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1888 Year: 1888 City: Carthage County: ..
Old Map of Cedar-Key Florida 1884 Levy County
Bird's eye view of Cedar-Key, Florida Levy County. 1884 Year: 1884 City: Cedar-Key County: Levy..
Old Map of Chicago Illinois 1893 Cook County County
Bird's eye view of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. Year: 1893 City: Chicago Co..
Old Map of Clarion Pennsylvania 1896 Clarion County
Clarion Clarion County Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1896. Year: 1896 City: Clarion Coun..
Old Map of Clifton Springs New York 1892 Ontario County
Clifton Springs New York. 1892. Year: 1892 City: Clifton Springs County: Ontario State: New Yo..
Old Map of Columbus Ohio 1872 Fairfield County
Birds eye view of Columbus Ohio 1872 Year: 1872 City: Columbus County: Fairfield State: Ohio ..
Old Map of Confluence Pennsylvania 1905 Somerset County
Confluence Pennsylvania. Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler. 1905. Year: 1905 City: Confluence ..
Old Map of Cooperstown New York 1890 Otsego County
Cooperstown New York. Burleigh Lithographing Establishment. 1890. Year: 1890 City: Cooperstown ..
Old Map of Cripple Creek Colorado 1895 Teller County
Cripple Creek mining district, the great gold camp of Colorado bird's eye view by C.H. Amerine ; c..
Old Map of Danville Illinois 1869 Vermillion County
Bird's eye view of the city of Danville, Vermillion County, Illinois. Looking north west. Drawn by A..
Old Map of Delhi New York 1887 Delaware County
Bird's-eye-view Delhi New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Delh..
Old Map of Denver Colorado 1889 Denver City County
Perspective map of the city of Denver Colorado 1889. Year: 1889 City: Denver County: Denver Cit..
Old Map of Dover New Hampshire 1877 Strafford County
Bird's eye view of Dover, Strafford County New Hampshire. Looking southwest. A. Ruger del. 1877 ..
Old Map of East Syracuse New York 1885 Onondaga County
East Syracuse New York. Published & drawn by L. R. Burleigh. C.H. Vogt & Son, lith. 1885 Year: 18..
Old Map of Elkton Maryland 1907 Cecil County
View of Elkton, Maryland. 1907 Year: 1907 City: Elkton County: Cecil State: Maryland Country:..
Old Map of Fishkill on the Hudson New York 1886  County
Fishkill on the Hudson New York, U.S.A. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1886 Year: 1886 Cit..
Old Map of Fleetwood Pennsylvania 1893 Berks County
Fleetwood, Berks County, Pennsylvania. 1893 Year: 1893 City: Fleetwood County: Berks State: Pe..
Old Map of Fort Madison Iowa 1889 Lee County
Perspective map of Fort Madison, Iowa. 1889 Year: 1889 City: Fort Madison County: Lee State: I..
Old Map of Franklin Virginia 1907 Southampton County
Birds eye view of Franklin, Southampton County Virginia Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler. 1907. ..
Old Map of Freeport New York 1909 Nassau County
Aero view of Freeport, Long Island, New York. 1909 Year: 1909 City: Freeport County: Nassau St..
Old Map of Gouverneur New York 1885 Saint Lawrence County
Gouverneur, New York. Published & drawn by L. R. Burleigh. 1885 Year: 1885 City: Gouverneur Cou..
Old Map of Greenwich New York 1885 Washington County
Greenwich, New York. Published & drawn by L.R. Burleigh. 1885 Year: 1885 City: Greenwich Coun..
Old Map of Hallstead Pennsylvania 1887 Susquehanna County
Hallstead, Pennsylvania. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Hallstead ..
Old Map of Helena Montana 1890 Lewis & Clarke County
Perspective map of the city of Helena, Montana Capital of State, county seat of Lewis & Clarke Count..
Old Map of Hoboken New Jersey 1881 Hudson County
The city of Hoboken New Jersey. By O. H. Bailey & A. Ward. 1881 Year: 1881 City: Hoboken County..
Old Map of Houlton Maine 1894 Aroostook County
Houlton, Maine, Aroostook County seat. 1894 Year: 1894 City: Houlton County: Aroostook State:..
Old Map of Ionia Michigan 1868 Ionia County
Ionia, Ionia County Michigan. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Year: 1868 City: Ionia County: Ionia Sta..
Old Map of Ithaca New York 1882 Tompkins County
Ithaca, New York. Oriented with north toward the upper left. 1882 Year: 1882 City: Ithaca Coun..
Old Map of Kalamazoo Michigan 1874 Kalamazoo County
Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1874 Year: 1874 City: Kalamazoo County: Kalamazoo State: Michigan Countr..
Old Map of Keeseville New York 1887 Clinton County
Keeseville, New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Keeseville Cou..
Old Map of Lexington Kentucky 1871 Fayette County
Bird's eye view of the city of Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Looking south west. 1871 Yea..
Old Map of Lincoln Illinois 1869 Logan County
Birds eye view of the city of Lincoln Logan County Illinois. Merchants Lithographing Co. 1869. Ye..
Old Map of Little Falls New York 1881 Herkimer County
Little Falls, New York. Drawn & pub. by H.H. Rowley & Co. 1881 Year: 1881 City: Little Falls ..
Old Map of Manhattan New York 1902 New York County
Bird's-eye-view of Manhattan and adjacent districts, New York City. 1902 Year: 1902 City: Manhat..
Old Map of Middletown New York 1922 Orange County
Middletown, New York. 1922 Year: 1922 City: Middletown County: Orange State: New York Country..
Old Map of Minneapolis Minnesota 1879 Anoka County
Panoramic view of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Looking north west. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1879 ..
Old Map of Mount Morris New York 1893 Livingston County
Mount Morris, New York. 1893 Year: 1893 City: Mount Morris County: Livingston State: New York ..
Old Map of Muskegon Michigan 1874 Muskegon County
Muskegon, Michigan. 1874 Year: 1874 City: Muskegon County: Muskegon State: Michigan Country: ..
Old Map of Naugatuck Connecticut 1877 New Haven County
View of Naugatuck, Connecticut. 1877 Year: 1877 City: Naugatuck County: New Haven State: Conne..
Old Map of New Brunswick New Jersey 1880 Middlesex County
City of New Brunswick New Jersey. Bird's-eye view of New Brunswick, New Jersey showing Raritan River..