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Botanical Print Of Aquilegia Nikolicii
1935 Curtis's Botanical Magazine Tab 9405 Aquilegia Grata From Karl Maly's Sample Dobrun Bosnia 1909..
Botanical Print Of Atelandra Incana
1839 This Is A Plate From A Sketch Of The Vegetation Of The Swan River Colonyby John Lindley. The Pl..
Botanical Print Of Banksia Occidentalis
1836 This Is A Scan Of Tab 3535 Banksia Occidentalis. Taken From Curtis's Botanical Magazine. Red..
Botanical Print Of Banksia Æmula
1826 Taken From Curtis's Botanical MagazineVolume 53 Pl. 2671. The Title Is " Banksia Æmula. Rival B..
Botanical Print Of Blue Iris
Iris Xiphioides (Gottorfer Codex,bind 1,planche 65)..
Botanical Print Of Blue Salvia
1914 Salvia Uliginosa,Lamiaceae From Curtis's Botanical Magazine,London.,vol. 140...
Botanical Print Of Blue Tubular Flowers
1847 This Is A Plate From Curtis's Botanical Magazine,Volume 73...
Botanical Print Of Convolvulus Lineatus
1795 This Is A Plate From The Botanical Magazine,Volume 9. Pink Flower...
Botanical Print Of Dryandra Arctotidis
1843 From Curtis's Botanical Magazine,volume 69. This Is A Scan Of Tab 4035 Dryandra Arctotidis,now ..
Botanical Print Of Dryandra Falcata
1831 This Is Plate 1455 From Volume 17 Of Edwards's Botanical Register. The Plant Depicted Is Dryand..
Botanical Print Of Dryandra Formosa
1844 This Is A Scan Of Tab 4102 Dryandra Formosa,now Described As Banksia Formosa. Taken From From C..
Botanical Print Of Golden Dryandra
1852 This Is A Rotated Image Of Plate 4633 From Volume 78 Of Curtis's Botanical Magazine,entitled "D..
Botanical Print Of Hemannia Althaeifolia
1795 Hermannia Althaeifolia - A Plate From The Botanical Magazine,Volume 9. Yellow Flowers..
Botanical Print Of Orange And Red Flowers. 1831 Bomarea Acutifolia (Link & Otto)
Volume 58...
Botanical Print Of Pharbitis Cathartica
1847 This Is A Plate From Curtis's Botanical Magazine,Volume 73. 4289. Pharbitis Cathartica. Purging..