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Panoramic, or "Bird's Eye View" maps, show a city as it might have appeared from the sky. These were created as promotional items as the country expanded. Many feature insets of prominent businesses of the day, as well as street names, and waterways.

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Historic Map of Meyersdale Pennsylvania 1900 Somerset County
Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. 1900 Year: 1900 City: Meyersdale County: Somerset State: Pennsylvani..
Historic Map of Michigan City Indiana 1869 La Porte County
Bird's eye view of Michigan City, La Porte County, Indiana. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1869 Year: 1869 C..
Historic Map of Middlebury Vermont 1886 Addison County
Middlebury, Vermont. Published & drawn by L. R. Burleigh. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Middlebury Coun..
Historic Map of Milwaukee Wisconsin 1906 Milwaukee County
Bird's-eye view of Milwaukee from sketches & photographs by the Binner Engraving Co., Milwaukee & Ch..
Historic Map of Miner's Mills Pennsylvania 1892 Luzerne County
Miner's Mills and Mill Creek, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1892 Year: 189..
Historic Map of Minneapolis Minnesota 1891 Hennepin County
Bird's eye view of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1891 Year: 1891 City: Minneapolis County: Hennepin ..
Historic Map of Moline Illinois 1873 Rock Island County
Panorama of Moline, Illinoi. as seen from the island of Rock Island, Illinois. 1873 Year: 1873 ..
Historic Map of Monongahela City Pennsylvania 1902 Washington County
Monongahela City, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1902 Year: 1902 City: Monongahela City C..
Historic Map of Monroe Michigan 1866 Monroe County
Monroe Monroe County Michigan 1866. Year: 1866 City: Monroe County: Monroe State: Michigan C..
Historic Map of Monson Massachusetts 1879 Hampden County
Monson, Massasuchetts. 1879 Year: 1879 City: Monson County: Hampden State: Massachusetts Coun..
Historic Map of Morrisville Island Pennsylvania 1900 Bucks County
Properties of the Delaware River Improvement Company on Morrisville Island, Pennsylvania opposite Tr..
Historic Map of Mount Union Pennsylvania 1906 Huntingdon County
Mount Union, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1906 Year: 1906 City: Mount..
Historic Map of Mount Vernon Illinois 1881 Jefferson County
Mount Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois. 1881 Year: 1881 City: Mount Vernon County: Jefferson ..
Historic Map of Muskegon Michigan 1889 Muskegon County
Birds-eye view of Muskegon Michigan from Muskegon Lake looking east. E. S. Glover, sketch. Shober C..
Historic Map of Naugatuck Connecticut 1906 New Haven County
Bird's-eye view of Naugatuck Connecticut. 1906. Year: 1906 City: Naugatuck County: New Haven S..
Historic Map of New Brunswick New Jersey 1910 Middlesex County
Aero view of New Brunswick, New Jersey. 1910 Year: 1910 City: New Brunswick County: Middlesex ..
Historic Map of New Castle Maine 1878 Lincoln County
Birds eye view of the villages of New Castle & Damariscotta, Lincoln County Maine 1878 Year: 1878..
Historic Map of New Castle Pennsylvania 1896 Lawrence County
New Castle, Pennsylvania. drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1896 Year: 1896 City: New Castle County: Lawre..
Historic Map of New Milford Connecticut 1906 Litchfield County
Bird's-eye-view of New Milford Connecticut 1906. Year: 1906 City: New Milford County: Litchfiel..
Historic Map of New Orleans Louisiana 1851 Orleans Parish County
Birds eye view of New-Orleans drawn from nature on stone by J. Bachman i.e. Bachmann. Bird's-eye vie..
Historic Map of New York New York 1865 New York County
Bird's eye view of New York and environs. J. Bachmann, del. 1865 Year: 1865 City: New York Cou..
Historic Map of New York New York 1897 New York County
Birds eye view of that portion of the 23rd and 24th wards of the city of New York lying westerly of ..
Historic Map of Newburgh New York 1900 Orange County
Newburgh, New York. 1900 Year: 1900 City: Newburgh County: Orange State: New York Country: Un..
Historic Map of Newport Pennsylvania 1895 Perry County
Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania. Oriented with north toward the lower right. Includes indexes to..
Historic Map of Newport Rhode Island 1878 Newport County
Newport, Rhode Island. 1878 Year: 1878 City: Newport County: Newport State: Rhode Island Coun..
Historic Map of Newton Iowa 1868 Jasper County
Bird's eye view of Newton, Jasper County Iowa. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Year: 1868 City: Newton ..
Historic Map of Newton Massachusetts 1897 Middlesex County
Wards 1 and 7, Newton, Massachussetts. 1897 Year: 1897 City: Newton County: Middlesex State: M..
Historic Map of North Billerica Massachusetts 1887 Middlesex County
North Billerica, Massasuchetts. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: North..
Historic Map of North East Pennsylvania 1896 Erie County
North East, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1896 Year: 1896 City: North East ..
Historic Map of Northfork West Virginia 1911 McDowell County
Aero view of North Fork and town of Clark, West Virginia. Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler. 1911..
Historic Map of Norton Massachusetts 1891 Bristol County
Norton, Massachusetts 1891 Year: 1891 City: Norton County: Bristol State: Massachusetts Count..
Historic Map of Norwalk Ohio 1870 Huron County
Bird's eye view of Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio. Looking north east. 1870 Year: 1870 City: Norwal..
Historic Map of Ocean City New Jersey 1903 Cape May County
Ocean City, New Jersey showing its unrivalled location, beautiful sea-shore, protected sailing water..
Historic Map of Ogden City Utah 1875 Weber County
Birds eye view of Ogden City Utah Ty. 1875. Year: 1875 City: Ogden City County: Weber State: U..
Historic Map of Omaha Nebraska 1868 Douglas County
Bird's eye view of the city of Omaha, Nebraska. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Year: 1868 City: Omaha ..
Historic Map of Oneonta New York 1884 Otsego County
Oneonta, New York. Published & drawn by L.R. Burleigh. 1884 Year: 1884 City: Oneonta County: ..
Historic Map of Oshkosh Wisconsin 1867 Winnebago County
Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin. Drawn from nature by A. Ruger. 1867 Year: 1867 City: Oshko..
Historic Map of Patterson Pennsylvania 1895 Juniata County
Patterson, Juniata County, Pennsylvania 1895 Year: 1895 City: Patterson County: Juniata State:..
Historic Map of Pawling New York 1909 Dutchess County
Bird's-eye view Pawling, New York. Drawn by P. H. Smith. 1909 Year: 1909 City: Pawling County: ..
Historic Map of Peabody Massachusetts 1877 Essex County
View of Peabody, Massasuchetts. Drawn & published by Messrs. O. H. Bailey & J. C. Hazen. 1877 Yea..
Historic Map of Penacook New Hampshire 1887 Merrimack County
Penacook, New Hampshire. Pub. & drawn by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Penacook County..
Historic Map of Pendleton Oregon 1884 Umatilla County
Panoramic view of Pendleton, Oregon. Includes index to points of interest, directory, and views of "..
Historic Map of Pennsburgh Pennsylvania 1894 Montgomery County
Pennsburgh, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1894 Year: 1894 City: Pennsb..
Historic Map of Peoria Illinois 1867 Peoria County
Peoria, Illinois. Drawn from nature by A. Ruger. 1867 Year: 1867 City: Peoria County: Peoria S..
Historic Map of Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1876 Delaware County
Bird's-eye view of the city of Philadelphia its streets, avenues, and public buildings and of the Ce..
Historic Map of Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1908 Philadelphia County
The Philadelphia of to-day, the world's greatest workshop America's largest home city with more home..
Historic Map of Philippi West Virginia 1897 Barbour County
Bird's eye view of Philippi, West Virginia. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1897 Year: 1897 City: Philipp..
Historic Map of Phoenix Arizona 1885 Maricopa County
Bird's eye view of Phoenix, Maricopa County Arizona. View looking north-east. Sketched by C. J. Dyer..
Historic Map of Pikes Peak Colorado 1890 El Paso County
Pikes Peak Colorado panorama. Shows Colorado Springs. 1890 Year: 1890 City: Pikes Peak County: ..
Historic Map of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1874 Allegheny County
View of Pittsburgh & Allegheny. Bird's-eye view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the confluence of the..