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Panoramic, or "Bird's Eye View" maps, show a city as it might have appeared from the sky. These were created as promotional items as the country expanded. Many feature insets of prominent businesses of the day, as well as street names, and waterways.

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Old Map of Antigo Wisconsin 1886 Langlade County
A bird's eye view of the city of Antigo, Wisconsin county seat of Langlade County. 1886 Year: 18..
Old Map of Ardmore Oklahoma 1891 Carter County
Ardmore, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. 1891 Year: 1891 City: Ardmore County: Carter State: Oklah..
Old Map of Asbury Park New Jersey 1897 Monmouth County
Asbury Park, Ocean Grove and vicinity, New Jersey 1897. Year: 1897 City: Asbury Park County: Mo..
Old Map of Asheville North Carolina 1912 Buncombe County
Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1912 Year: 1912 City: Ashevi..
Old Map of Atlanta Georgia 1871 DeKalb County County
Birds eye view of the city of Atlanta the capitol of Georgia Drawn & published by A. Ruger. Looking ..
Old Map of Atlantic City New Jersey 1910 Atlantic County
Aero view of Atlantic City, New Jersey. 1910 Year: 1910 City: Atlantic City County: Atlantic S..
Old Map of Bainbridge New York 1889 Chenango County
Bainbridge, New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1889 Year: 1889 City: Bainbridge Cou..
Old Map of Baldwinville Massachusetts 1886 Worcester County
Baldwinville, Massasuchetts. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Baldwinville County: Worcester State: Massa..
Old Map of Baltimore Maryland 1912 Baltimore County
A birds-eye view of the heart of Baltimore. Sketched in pencil in the Fall of 1911 Year: 1912 Ci..
Old Map of Bangor Maine 1875 Penobscot County
Bird's eye view of the City of Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine. Drawn by Augustus Koch. 1875 Yea..
Old Map of Bangor Pennsylvania 1918 Northampton County
Aero view of Bangor, Pennsylvania. T. M. Fowler del. 1918 Year: 1918 City: Bangor County: North..
Old Map of Batavia Illinois 1869 Kane County
Bird's eye view of Batavia, Kane County, Illinois. Drawn by A. Ruger. Looking south west. 1869 Ye..
Old Map of Battle Creek Michigan 1882 Calhoun County
Bird's eye view of Battle Creek, Michigan. 1882 Year: 1882 City: Battle Creek County: Calhoun ..
Old Map of Bayfield Wisconsin 1886 Bayfield County
Bird's eye view of Bayfield, Wisconsin county seat of Bayfield County. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Bay..
Old Map of Bedford City Virginia 1891 Bedford County
Perspective map of Bedford City, Virginia county seat of Bedford County. 1891 Year: 1891 City: B..
Old Map of Bellevue Ohio 1888 Sandusky & Huron County
Bellevue, Ohio, Sandusky & Huron counties. 1888 Year: 1888 City: Bellevue County: Sandusky & Hu..
Old Map of Bennington Vermont 1887 Bennington County
Bennington, Vermont. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. Burleigh Litho. 1887 Year: 1887 City: ..
Old Map of Bernville Pennsylvania 1898 Berks County
Bernville, Pennsylvania. 1898 Year: 1898 City: Bernville County: Berks State: Pennsylvania Co..
Old Map of Bethlehem New Hampshire 1883 Graftson County
Bird's eye view of Bethlehem, Graftson County, New Hampshire. 1883 Year: 1883 City: Bethlehem ..
Old Map of Beverly Farms Massachusetts 1886 Essex County
The Farms. Beverly Farms Massasuchetts. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Beverly Farms County: Essex Stat..
Old Map of Binghamton New York 1901 Broome County
Binghamton New York. 1901 Year: 1901 City: Binghamton County: Broome State: New York Country:..
Old Map of Boscobel Wisconsin 1869 Grant County
Bird's eye view of Boscobel, Grant County, Wisconsin. 1869 Year: 1869 City: Boscobel County: Gr..
Old Map of Boston Massachusetts 1877 Suffolk County
Boston Massasuchetts bird's-eye view from the north. J. Bachman, del. and lith. 1877 Year: 1877 ..
Old Map of Boston Massachusetts 1905 Suffolk County
Twentieth century Boston Massasuchetts. 1905 Year: 1905 City: Boston County: Suffolk State: Ma..
Old Map of Bridgeport Connecticut 1875 Fairfield County
View of Bridgeport, Connecticut. 1875 Year: 1875 City: Bridgeport County: Fairfield State: Con..
Old Map of Bristol Rhode Island 1891 Bristol County
Bristol Rhode Island. O.H. Bailey & Co. lith. & pub. 1891 Year: 1891 City: Bristol County: Bris..
Old Map of Bristol Tennessee 1912 Sullivan County
Aero view of Bristol Virginia-Tennessee 1912. Year: 1912 City: Bristol County: Sullivan State:..
Old Map of Brooklyn New York 1908 Kings County
Bird's-eye-view of Brooklyn New York. 1908 Year: 1908 City: Brooklyn County: Kings State: New ..
Old Map of Brookville Pennsylvania 1895 Jefferson County
Brookville Jefferson County Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1895 Year: 1895 City: Brookvil..
Old Map of Buena Vista Colorado 1882 Chaffee County
Bird's eye view of Buena Vista, Colorada county seat of Chaffee County. Oriented with north toward t..
Old Map of Burlington Iowa 1889 Des Moines County
Bird's-eye-view perspective map of the city of Burlington, Iowa. 1889 Year: 1889 City: Burlingto..
Old Map of Butler Pennsylvania 1896 Butler County
Butler Butler County Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1896 Year: 1896 City: Butler County:..
Old Map of Butte-City Montana 1884 Silver Bow County
Bird's eye view of Butte-City, Montana, county seat of Silver Bow County. 1884 Year: 1884 City:..
Old Map of Cairo Illinois 1888 Alexander County
Perspective map of the city of Cairo, Illinois. Drawn by H. Wellge. 1888 Year: 1888 City: Cairo ..
Old Map of Cairo West Virginia 1899 Ritchie County
Cairo West Virginia. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1899 Year: 1899 City: Cairo County: Ritchie State:..
Old Map of Calumet Michigan 1881 Houghton County
Calumet Hecla & Red Jacket Michigan. 1881 Year: 1881 City: Calumet County: Houghton State: Mi..
Old Map of Cambridge New York 1886 Washington County
Bird's-eye-view Cambridge New York. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Cambridge County: Washington State..
Old Map of Canal Dover Ohio 1899 Tuscarawas County
Canal Dover Tuscarawas County Ohio. Drawn by A. E. Downs. 1899 Year: 1899 City: Canal Dover Co..
Old Map of Canton Massachusetts 1918 Norfolk County
Aero view of Canton, Massasuchetts. 1918 Year: 1918 City: Canton County: Norfolk State: Massac..
Old Map of Carnegie Pennsylvania 1897 Allegheny County
Carnegie Allegheny County Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1897 Year: 1897 City: Carnegie C..
Old Map of Carthage New York 1888 Jefferson County
Carthage New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1888 Year: 1888 City: Carthage County: ..
Old Map of Castleton Vermont 1889 Rutland County
Castleton Vermont. Drawn and published by L. R. Burleigh. 1889 Year: 1889 City: Castleton Coun..
Old Map of Cedar-Key Florida 1884 Levy County
Bird's eye view of Cedar-Key, Florida Levy County. 1884 Year: 1884 City: Cedar-Key County: Levy..
Old Map of Cheney Washington 1884 Spokane County
Bird's eye view of Cheney, Washington Territory county seat of Spokane County. 1884 Year: 1884 C..
Old Map of Chicago Illinois 1868 Lake County
Chicago Illinois from Schiller Street north side to 12th Street south side. 1868 Year: 1868 Cit..
Old Map of Chicago Illinois 1890 Cook County
Rascher's birds eye view of the Chicago packing houses & union stock yards. 1890 Year: 1890 City..
Old Map of Chicago Illinois 1893 Cook County County
Bird's eye view of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. Year: 1893 City: Chicago Co..
Old Map of Clarion Pennsylvania 1896 Clarion County
Clarion Clarion County Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1896. Year: 1896 City: Clarion Coun..
Old Map of Clarksville Tennessee 1870 Montgomery County
Bird's eye view of the city of Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee 1870. Year: 1870 City: ..
Old Map of Clifton Springs New York 1892 Ontario County
Clifton Springs New York. 1892. Year: 1892 City: Clifton Springs County: Ontario State: New Yo..