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Panoramic, or "Bird's Eye View" maps, show a city as it might have appeared from the sky. These were created as promotional items as the country expanded. Many feature insets of prominent businesses of the day, as well as street names, and waterways.

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Old Map of Hailey Idaho 1884 Blaine County
Wood River Valley with Hailey Idaho in the foreground. 1884 Year: 1884 City: Hailey County: Bla..
Old Map of Hallstead Pennsylvania 1887 Susquehanna County
Hallstead, Pennsylvania. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Hallstead ..
Old Map of Haydenville Massachusetts 1886 Hampshire County
Haydenville, Massasuchetts. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Haydenville County: Hampshire State: Massach..
Old Map of Helena Montana 1890 Lewis & Clarke County
Perspective map of the city of Helena, Montana Capital of State, county seat of Lewis & Clarke Count..
Old Map of Hendersonville North Carolina 1913  County
Hendersonville North Carolina 1913. Year: 1913 City: Hendersonville County: State: North Caro..
Old Map of Hinsdale Massachusetts 1887 Hinsdale County
Hinsdale, Massasuchetts. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Hinsdale Co..
Old Map of Hinsdale New Hampshire 1886 Cheshire County
Hinsdale, New Hampshire. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Hinsdale Co..
Old Map of Hoboken New Jersey 1881 Hudson County
The city of Hoboken New Jersey. By O. H. Bailey & A. Ward. 1881 Year: 1881 City: Hoboken County..
Old Map of Homestead Pennsylvania 1902 Allegheny County
Homestead, Pennsylvania. Oriented with north to the left. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1902 Year: 1902 ..
Old Map of Hopkinton Massachusetts 1880 Middlesex County
Hopkinton, Massasuchetts. 1880 Year: 1880 City: Hopkinton County: Middlesex State: Massachuset..
Old Map of Houlton Maine 1894 Aroostook County
Houlton, Maine, Aroostook County seat. 1894 Year: 1894 City: Houlton County: Aroostook State:..
Old Map of Hudson Wisconsin 1870 St. Croix County
Bird's eye view of the city of Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin 1870. Year: 1870 City: Hudson..
Old Map of Independence Missouri 1868 Jackson County
Bird's eye view of the city of Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Ye..
Old Map of Ionia Michigan 1868 Ionia County
Ionia, Ionia County Michigan. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Year: 1868 City: Ionia County: Ionia Sta..
Old Map of Irvona Pennsylvania 1895 Clearfield County
Irvona, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. 1895 Year: 1895 City: Irvona County: Clearfield State..
Old Map of Ithaca New York 1882 Tompkins County
Ithaca, New York. Oriented with north toward the upper left. 1882 Year: 1882 City: Ithaca Coun..
Old Map of Jacksonville Florida 1893 Clay County
Jacksonville, Florida. Drawn, published by August Koch. 1893 Year: 1893 City: Jacksonville Cou..
Old Map of Johnsonburg Pennsylvania 1895 Elk County
Johnsonburg, Elk County, Pennsylvania. 1895 Year: 1895 City: Johnsonburg County: Elk State: Pe..
Old Map of Kalamazoo Michigan 1874 Kalamazoo County
Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1874 Year: 1874 City: Kalamazoo County: Kalamazoo State: Michigan Countr..
Old Map of Keeseville New York 1887 Clinton County
Keeseville, New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Keeseville Cou..
Old Map of Keystone West Virginia 1911 McDowell County
Aero view of Keystone, West Virginia. Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler. 1911 Year: 1911 City:..
Old Map of Knoxville Tennessee 1886 Knox County
Knoxville, Tennessee. county seat of Knox County. Drawn by H. Wellge. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Knox..
Old Map of La Crosse Wisconsin 1873 La Crosse County
La Crosse, Wisconsin. 1873 Year: 1873 City: La Crosse County: La Crosse State: Wisconsin Coun..
Old Map of Ladonia Texas 1891 Fannin County
Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas. 1891 Year: 1891 City: Ladonia County: Fannin State: Texas Coun..
Old Map of Lafayette Indiana 1868 Tippecanoe County
Bird's eye view of the city of Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Drawn by A. 1868 Year: 1868..
Old Map of Lakeport California 1888 Lake County
Lakeport, Lake County, California. 1888 Year: 1888 City: Lakeport County: Lake State: Californ..
Old Map of Lexington Kentucky 1871 Fayette County
Bird's eye view of the city of Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Looking south west. 1871 Yea..
Old Map of Lexington Missouri 1869 Lafayette County
Bird's eye view of the city of Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1869 Ye..
Old Map of Ligonier Pennsylvania 1900 Westmoreland County
Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1900 Year: 1900 City: Ligonier County: Westmorel..
Old Map of Lincoln Illinois 1869 Logan County
Birds eye view of the city of Lincoln Logan County Illinois. Merchants Lithographing Co. 1869. Ye..
Old Map of Little Falls New York 1881 Herkimer County
Little Falls, New York. Drawn & pub. by H.H. Rowley & Co. 1881 Year: 1881 City: Little Falls ..
Old Map of Little Rock Arkansas 1887 Pulaski County
Perspective map of the city of Little Rock, Arkansas State capital of Arkansas, county seat of Pulas..
Old Map of Littleton New Hampshire 1883 Grafton County
Bird's eye view of Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire. Looking east. Drawn by A. Poole. 1883 ..
Old Map of Los Angeles California 1894 Los Angeles County
Los Angeles, California. Drawn by B. W. Pierce. 1894 Year: 1894 City: Los Angeles County: Los ..
Old Map of Ludlow Vermont 1859 Windsor County
Ludlow, Vermont showing railroad in foreground on the left. 1859 Year: 1859 City: Ludlow County..
Old Map of Luverne Minnesota 1883 Rock County
Bird's eye view of Luverne , County seat of Rock County, Minnesota. Drawn by H. Brosius. 1883 Yea..
Old Map of Lynn Massachusetts 1820 Essex County
Market Street, Lynn, Massasuchetts as it appeared in 1820. Year: 1820 City: Lynn County: Essex ..
Old Map of Manayunk Pennsylvania 1907 Philadelphia County
Birds eye view of Manayunk, Wissahickon Roxborough from West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia Penn..
Old Map of Manchester Connecticut 1880 Tolland County
View of South Manchester, Connecticut. 1880 Year: 1880 City: Manchester County: Tolland State:..
Old Map of Manhattan New York 1902 New York County
Bird's-eye-view of Manhattan and adjacent districts, New York City. 1902 Year: 1902 City: Manhat..
Old Map of Marengo Iowa 1868 Iowa County
Bird's eye view of the city of Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Year: 1868 Ci..
Old Map of Marshall Michigan 1868 Calhoun County
Birds eye view of the city of Marshall, Calhoun County Michigan. Drawn & published by A. Ruger. 1868..
Old Map of Martins Ferry Ohio 1899 Belmont County
Martins Ferry, Ohio. drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1899 Year: 1899 City: Martins Ferry County: Belmont..
Old Map of Maysville Colorado 1882 Chaffee County
Bird's eye view of Maysville, Colorado, Chaffee County. 1882 Year: 1882 City: Maysville County:..
Old Map of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania 1903 Beaver County
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler. 1903 Year: 1903 City: Mechanic..
Old Map of Medford Massachusetts 1880 Middlesex County
Medford, Massachusetts. 1880 Year: 1880 City: Medford County: Middlesex State: Massachusetts ..
Old Map of Menomonee Falls Wisconsin 1886 Waukesha County
Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Menomonee Falls County: Wauk..
Old Map of Middletown New York 1922 Orange County
Middletown, New York. 1922 Year: 1922 City: Middletown County: Orange State: New York Country..
Old Map of Millersville Pennsylvania 1894 Lancaster County
Millersville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1894 Year: 1894 City: Mille..
Old Map of Milwaukee Wisconsin 1898 Milwaukee County
Panoramic view of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Taken from City Hall tower with prominent streets and buildi..