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Panoramic, or "Bird's Eye View" maps, show a city as it might have appeared from the sky. These were created as promotional items as the country expanded. Many feature insets of prominent businesses of the day, as well as street names, and waterways.

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Antique Map of Chicago Illinois 1898 Cook County
Bird's-eye-view of the business district of Chicago. Oriented with north to the right. 1898 Year..
Antique Map of Childress Texas 1890 Childress County
Childress Texas. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1890 Year: 1890 City: Childress County: Childress Stat..
Antique Map of Chippewa Falls Wisconsin 1907 Chippewa County
Chippewa Falls [sic] county-seat of Chippewa County . H. W., sk. Wisonsin. 1907 Year: 1907 City:..
Antique Map of Circleville Ohio 1876 Pickaway County
Birds eye view of the city of Circleville Pickaway County Ohio. Krebs Lithographing Company. 1876. ..
Antique Map of Claremont New Hampshire 1877 Sullivan County
Birds eye view of Claremont Sullivan County New Hampshire. Includes inset "Town Hall" and index to p..
Antique Map of Clark South Dakota 1883 Clark County
Bird's eye view of Clark, South Dakota county seat Clark County. 1883 Year: 1883 City: Clark Co..
Antique Map of Clarksburg West Virginia 1898 Harrison County
Clarksburg West Virginia. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1898. Year: 1898 City: Clarksburg County: Har..
Antique Map of Clinton Massachusetts 1876 Worcester County
Bird's eye view of Clinton, Massasuchetts. Drawn & pub. by O.H. Bailey & Co. 1876 Year: 1876 Cit..
Antique Map of Cobleskill New York 1883 Schoharie County
Cobleskill New York. Drawn, lithographed & published by J. McGregor & Co. Oriented with north towar..
Antique Map of Collegeville Pennsylvania 1894 Montgomery County
Collegeville Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1894. Year: 1894 City: Colle..
Antique Map of Columbus Georgia 1886 Muscogee County
Perspective map of Columbus Georgia county seat of Muscogee County . Includes illus., index to point..
Antique Map of Corning New York 1882 Steuben County
Corning New York, junction of the New York, Lake Erie, and Western and the Syracuse, Geneva & Corni..
Antique Map of Corry Pennsylvania 1870 Erie County
Bird's eye view of the city of Corry, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Looking south west. 1870 Year: 1..
Antique Map of Council Bluffs Iowa 1868 Pottawattamie County
Bird's eye view of the city of Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 ..
Antique Map of Dalles Oregon 1884 Wasco County
Panoramic view of the city of The Dalles, Oregon. county seat of Wasco County. 1884 Year: 1884 C..
Antique Map of Dayton Ohio 1870 Montgomery County
Bird's-eye view Dayton Ohio. 1870 Year: 1870 City: Dayton County: Montgomery State: Ohio Coun..
Antique Map of Delphi Indiana 1868 Carroll County
Bird's eye view of the city of Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Year: 18..
Antique Map of Denison Texas 1891 Grayson County
Denison Grayson County Texas. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1891 Year: 1891 City: Denison County: Gr..
Antique Map of Denver Colorado 1881 Denver City County
Bird's eye view of the city of Denver, Colorado. Drawn by J. H. Flett. 1881 Year: 1881 City: De..
Antique Map of Denver Colorado 1908 Denver City County
Bird's eye view of Denver, Colorado. 1908 Year: 1908 City: Denver County: Denver City State: C..
Antique Map of Deposit New York 1887 Broome County
Deposit New York. Drawn & published by L. R. Burleigh. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Deposit County: Br..
Antique Map of Derby Connecticut 1898 New Haven County
Derby Shelton and East Derby Connecticut. 1898 Year: 1898 City: Derby County: New Haven State..
Antique Map of Derry Station Pennsylvania 1900 Dauphin County
Derry Station Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1900 Year: 1900 City: Derry Station County: ..
Antique Map of Des Moines Iowa 1868 Polk County
Bird's eye view of the city of Des Moines, the capital of Iowa. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1868 Year: 186..
Antique Map of Detroit Michigan 1889 Wayne County
Birds eye view showing about three miles square of the central portion of the city of Detroit Michig..
Antique Map of Dover New Jersey 1903 Morris County
Bird's-eye-view Dover New Jersey. 1903 Year: 1903 City: Dover County: Morris State: New Jersey..
Antique Map of Duncannon Pennsylvania 1903 Perry County
View of Duncannon, Pennsylvania. drawn & published by T. M. Fowler. 1903 Year: 1903 City: Duncan..
Antique Map of Durham North Carolina 1891 Durham County
Bird's-eye view of the city of Durham North Carolina. Burleigh Lithographing Establishment. Includes..
Antique Map of East Douglas Massachusetts 1886 Worcester County
East Douglas Massasuchetts. Drawn by L. R. Burleigh. Burleigh Lith. Establishment. C.H. Vogt. 1886 ..
Antique Map of Edinboro Pennsylvania 1898 Erie County
Edinboro Pennsylvania. 1898 Year: 1898 City: Edinboro County: Erie State: Pennsylvania Countr..
Antique Map of Edmond Oklahoma 1891 Oklahoma County
Edmond Oklahoma Territory. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1891 Year: 1891 City: Edmond County: Oklahoma..
Antique Map of El Paso Illinois 1869 Woodford County
Bird's eye view of the city of El Paso, Woodford County, Illinois. Drawn by A. Ruger. 1869 Year: ..
Antique Map of Elmira New York 1901 Chemung County
Elmira, New York. Includes illus., directory, and view of "Elmira Heights, New York. 1901 Year: 1..
Antique Map of Ephrata Pennsylvania 1887 Lancaster County
View of Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Edges and sections of pictorial border missing. 1887 Year: 1887 C..
Antique Map of Everett Pennsylvania 1905 Bedford County
Bird's-eye view of Everett Bedford County Pennsylvania.1905. Year: 1905 City: Everett County: B..
Antique Map of Exeter New Hampshire 1884 Rockingham County
Exeter, New Hampshire, county seat of Rockingham County. 1884 Year: 1884 City: Exeter County: R..
Antique Map of Fair Haven Vermont 1886 Rutland County
Fair Haven, Vermont. Published & drawn by L. R. Burleigh. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Fair Haven Cou..
Antique Map of Fall River Massachusetts 1877 Bristol County
City of Fall River Massasuchetts. Drawn & pub. by Messrs. O. H. Bailey & J. C. Hazen. 1877 Year: ..
Antique Map of Forest City Pennsylvania 1889 Susquehanna County
Forest City, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Drawn by T. M. Fowler. 1889 Year: 1889 City: Fore..
Antique Map of Fort Atkinson Wisconsin 1870 Jefferson County
Bird's eye view of Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. 1870 Year: 1870 City: Fort Atkins..
Antique Map of Fort Plain New York 1891 Fulton County
Fort Plain, New York and Nelliston. 1891 Year: 1891 City: Fort Plain County: Fulton State: New..
Antique Map of Fresno California 1901 Fresno County
Fresno, California. 1901 Year: 1901 City: Fresno County: Fresno State: California Country: Un..
Antique Map of Gardiner Maine 1878 Kennebec County
Bird's eye view of Gardiner and Pittston Kennebec County Maine. 1878 Year: 1878 City: Gardiner ..
Antique Map of Garfield New Jersey 1909 Bergen County
Birds eye view of Garfield New Jersey. Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler. 1909. Year: 1909 Cit..
Antique Map of Georgetown Washington DC 1855 King County
View of Georgetown Washington D.C. looking west with the Potomac River on the left. 1855 Year: 18..
Antique Map of Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1888 Adams County
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler and A. E. Downs. 1888 Year: 1888 ..
Antique Map of Gloversville New York 1875 Fulton County
Gloversville, New York. 1875 Year: 1875 City: Gloversville County: Fulton State: New York Cou..
Antique Map of Goffstown New Hampshire 1887 Hillsborough County
Goffstown, New Hampshire. Drawn & published by Geo. E. Norris. 1887 Year: 1887 City: Goffstown ..
Antique Map of Grafton West Virginia 1898 Taylor County
Grafton, West Virginia. Drawn by A. E. Downs. 1898 Year: 1898 City: Grafton County: Taylor Sta..
Antique Map of Granville New York 1886 Washington County
Granville, New York. By L. R. Burleigh. 1886 Year: 1886 City: Granville County: Washington Sta..