Announcements 10/25/2020 11:07:13am

Viewable Image Size vs Paper Size


What Does 'Viewable Image' Mean?

We make all our prints on standard size papers so our customers can use 'off the shelf' low cost frames available in local stores like Michael's Crafts and others. The dimensions of the images we offer may not match the proportional dimensions of that paper size. The 'Viewable Image' is the portion of the image that is 'printed', becoming 'viewable', on the standard size paper. This will leave a border on the paper.

Here's an example what we mean - The magic poster shown here is offered as:
18x24  (11.4" x 22.6" viewable*)

The paper is 18x24 inches. The image occupies 11.4 x 22.6 inches of that paper. That leaves a larger left/right border and a smaller top/bottom border. Sometimes the borders are even on all sides and sometimes the top/bottom or left/right borders will be larger or smaller depending on the image width and height compared to the paper's width and height.

Important Note: Please be advised that the viewable image size is approximate and may vary slightly. It is intended for reference purposes. Please DO NOT use this number for the purpose of pre-sizing a frame. You should ALWAYS have the final product in hand prior to sizing a frame.

You can find the details for any poster under the "Specification" tab when shopping: